Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Recap | Lai Chee Kien's The Material Culture of Bukit Brown

Watch the entire talk here:


  1. Indiana jones he ain't! Is Lai a professionally-trained art critic and/or arch historian? His cv doesn't suggest so. That explains the lecture conducted by the likes of a gentleman amateur of the 19th C.

  2. Lai shared his pioneering findings of the construction materials used in Bukit Brown, which paralleled building construction materials that evolved with Singapore's physical infrastructure development.
    Bukit Brown's materials are a rich resource of the phases of our building history, thanks to Lai's scrutiny.
    Indiana Jones? Lai's insight and humility is far above that fake construct of your hero. Kindly remain in your dark cave of your cinema.

  3. Lai - ah ha! - when he got his 3rd year results in NUS, he not being satisfied with getting into the BArch course (yr 4), apparently he recorded the names of those who didn't, just for the verbal record. Born historian he is! But as such trained, educated, peer reviewed vigorously - a poseur to the core.

  4. He was a horrible person. I heard that he was fired by NUS.